Preserving the warm buzz of early bebop while bravely exploring the jazz fusion of her contemporaries, LA alto saxophonist and composer Nicole McCabe is reaching beyond traditional jazz to blend a broad range of styles, making her one of the most compelling young composers and players in today’s West Coast jazz scene. Nicole has shared the stage with musicians such as George Colligan, Peter Erskine, Chuck Israels, Terri Lyne Carrington, Patrice Rushen, Bob Shepard, Jacob Mann, and Doug Webb.

A quartet leader, a music educator, a regular collaborator in George Colligan’s Theoretical Planets, and a member of many groups, Nicole quickly established herself as a freelance saxophonists in Portland while studying at Portland State University’s Jazz Studies program.  Nicole’s uninhibited dynamism and ear-turning musical prowess have already earned her the attentive audience she deserves throughout the Portland music community and beyond.

Reviews from Introducing Nicole McCabe

“There is humility and respect in her playing, a true cognizance of the tradition from where her art comes from, and a feeling of surrender to where the music is directionally headed.”

All About Jazz

“It’s a strong debut from McCabe, and at a time when jazz’s evolution has taken it far from its origins, it’s a nice reminder that the past still has plenty to say.”


“The most effective way to learn is to play with people who are better than you, which is why mentorship is such an important tradition in jazz,” Nicole explains.  Both her mentors, the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist George Colligan and renowned drummer Alan Jones, supplied her with opportunities to perform alongside and record with them, pushing Nicole to both embrace the rich lineage of bebop while simultaneously testing the limits of contemporary standards. “I feel like I’m always on the cusp of preserving something historic and growing something new,” shares Nicole. “In creating my own voice as a player, I’ve had to accept that I like all kinds of music. You have to listen to the tradition and bend to the contemporaries. I think it adds a lot to my own sound and my own approach to writing.”

Although Nicole’s influences can be dated back to bebop mainstays including Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins, or post bop John Coltrane and Gary Bartz, she says she tries to “emulate a fusion of every kind of music she loves, put into a jazz canon, digestible for jazz musicians.” Compositionally she doesn’t draw from jazz alone, but instead from pop musicians like Roberta Flack, or from one of the many bands she’s in, which range from funk to synth pop to free jazz.

Nicole’s debut album showcases her impressive repertoire, with musical appearances and collaborations with Portland heavy hitters Alan Jones, George Colligan, Charlie Porter and Jon Lakey. Post-album release, Nicole has been accepted into USC’s Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles, where she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Music.